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Some channels have problems with sampled output values

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ltc2320-16

Hi, I am using LTC2320-16 chip for some research projects. According to the instructions of the chip manual, I used FPGA to send the corresponding SCK and CNV signals to the chip, and observed the SDO signals of 8 channels. All 8 pairs of differential pins are grounded during the test. The test results show that some channels have an SDO output value of around 0x0000 (e.g., channels 1, 3, 8), some channels have an output value of around 0xFFFF (e.g., channels 2, 4, 5), and some channels have a value of around 0x0500 (e.g., channels 6, 7).

Attached is the waveform diagram of the test. The waveform of the oscilloscope from top to bottom is SCK, SDO, CNV

correct channel

wrong channel

This is my schematic(Differential signal pairs are grounded in the test)

Thank you very much for giving me some help!



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