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AD3551R ltpspice模型

AD3551R LTSPICE 模型和datasheet中的引脚无法一一对应,



3.VDAC 是DAC数字供电吗?

  • English translation:

    The AD3551R LTSPICE model and the pins in the datasheet cannot correspond one-to-one.

    1. In the simulation process, how should the input terminal be configured to output a specific waveform.

    2. Can the AD3551R model find the official simulation reference circuit?

    3. Is VDAC a DAC digital power supply?



    1. The VDAC terminal must be connected to a voltage source representing the digital value, where 0V is 0x0000 and 2.5V is 0xFFFF.

    2. The simulation test bench is displayed clicking the button Open this macromodel's example circuit in the Component Selection window.

    3. VDAC is an analog voltage representing the digital code as explained in point 1.