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EVAL-AD7606BFMCZ 连接ACE无法正常获取数值,并报错OutofRange

我是按照EVAL-AD7606BFMCZ User Guide (Rev. A) (描述的方式连接、调试,但是会报错;错误如下,想不到哪里出了问题,还请提供一些信息,感谢!

  • Hello,

    Can you please click the 'report issue' button and send an e-mail to the ACE support team? If this has to do with the ACE tool itself, they may be able to help.

    Meanwhile, can you try configuring the part on any different way i.e. serial interface instead of parallel interface, number of DOUT lines, higher throughput, etc. Can you also expand the 'general capture settings' and 'device configuration' menus so we see how you have configured it?