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AD74413R的使用相关疑惑(Doubts about the use of AD74413R)

目前我用的型号是AD74413R,需要将4-20mA的电流信号转换为单片机可以采集的信号,进行数据的转换,但目前贵公司的该芯片有一些疑惑,我们是采用AD74413RSPI和单片机进行通信,然后该芯片的数据采集端也就是4-20mA信号从芯片那个端子接入,该芯片所必要接的电路有哪些,其中是不是需要提供14V to 26.4V以及其他的电压,其中REFIN的电压是不是可以由该芯片REFOUT提供,该芯片为环路电路是什么意思,四通道其中一个通道是指那些管脚可以组成一个通道,其中的CLOAD = 10 nF per recommended configuration. RSENSE = 100 Ω (ideal),这个电阻和电容接到芯片什么管脚上面?(The current model I am using is AD74413R. I need to convert the 4-20mA current signal into a signal that can be collected by the single-chip microcomputer for data conversion. But at present, your company’s chip has some doubts. We use the SPI of AD74413R to communicate with the single-chip microcomputer. , And then the data acquisition terminal of the chip is the 4-20mA signal connected from the terminal of the chip. What are the necessary circuits for the chip? Do you need to provide 14V to 26.4V and other voltages? The voltage of REFIN is It can not be provided by the chip REFOUT. What does it mean that the chip is a loop circuit? One of the four channels means those pins can form a channel, where CLOAD = 10 nF per recommended configuration. RSENSE = 100 Ω (ideal) , What pin is the resistor and capacitor connected to the chip?)