1. Referring to Figure 1 and Figure 2, I would like to ask whether the R204 resistor in the evaluation board AD9680-1000 has been installed, because it is covered by the transformer, so I can't see clearly. Since J201 is not installed on the evaluation board, which is equivalent to a single end of input, shall we use T206 transformer or connect 0 ohm resistance to short-circuit the transformer?

2. Refer to FIG.3. According to the setting of the two resistors in the schematic diagram, the output voltage of LDO will not be 3.3V, but more than 4V, which is greater than the input voltage. This is the output formula of LDO voltage in datasheet. So is the resistance set intentionally or the schematic is wrong.

Please give me an answer as soon as possible. thank you

                               FIG 1

                         FIG 2

                     FIG 3

                 FIG 4