ad7811 demo code

there are some ad7811 demo code?

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    on Oct 15, 2019 12:28 PM in reply to gongliwu


    I just reviewed the data sheet for the AD7811/AD7812 and I believe the section you are referring to is the Quick Evaluation Setup section. In this section, a suggested configuration for evaluation of the AD7812 is presented. The procedure for evaluating the AD7811 would be similar. The timing specifications (tPOWER-UP and tCONVERT) are the same for both the AD7811 and AD7812. I would recommend following the steps provided in the Quick Evaluation Section to evaluate the AD7811, but you will need to change the values written to the device to achieve your desired configuration. The hex codes given in this section (0x6040 and 0x4040) are specific to configuring the Control Register of the AD7812. They are set for powering on the AD7812, setting the external reference and selecting the input channel to be VIN1. To set the same configuration on the AD7811, try the code 0x3040 to configure the Control Register and 0x2040 to read the data back. (The first bit of the control register for the AD7811 is marked “Don’t Care”, so I set it to 0). I found a previous EngineerZone question that asked about how to access the control register (which is 10 bits) using the 16 bit SPI interface which can be found here:


    Please let me know if this helps to clarify and if you have any additional questions,


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