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Why the rx rf pll is not locked when AD9364 transfer from external oscillator to a crystal?

My transmitter is a custom board based on AD9364. It trasmits data in 64QAM which can be demodulated correctelly by a receiver. But it stops to work when I changed the exteranl oscillator to an epson crystal.

The frequencys of them all are 40MHz. I've set the registers related to DCXO as follow:





Other settings are the same as that of oscillator's.

The BBPLL calibration is successful,and so is the CP calibration.

But the rx rf pll calibration can never be passed. The read of reg 0x247 is always 0.

Should I change more register settings than above?

Is there so much differance between oscillator and crystal?

Appreciations to who answer this question.