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I have read the data manual for AD1939, and the sampling rate can be set to 192khz. I see that the dynamic collection range is from 20Hz to 20KHZ.

So the question I raised is, can we capture audio from 20HZ to 80Khz?
This is crucial for our chip selection, and we hope to receive your feedback in a timely manner. Thank you!!!

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  • 不好意思,我想可能是我的表达问题。我的想法是:配置AD1939的几个ADC寄存器以192Khz的采样率来采集4路音频信号,然后只能接收到一串TDM的数据,如何将TDM格式数据转换为4个WAV音频文件的示例,(我们用的STM32F4系列的单片机),感谢你的回复和帮助!

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