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ADAU1701 safeLoad

MCU changes compress data through safe loading, There is noise,Compress data is derived from SigmaStudio, but there is no noise when EQ is loaded. What is the reason?

ADAU1701 safeLoad
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  • Hello dengxh121,

    Safeload is done at the end of the program execution for a sample period and before the next sample period arrives. The issue is most likely because only five parameters can be loaded in during one safeload write. To transfer more you have to perform multiple safeload writes and transferring the gain points of a compressor curve is a lot of data. 

    When loading in new EQ parameters of a BiQuad, it can be done all in one Safeload write. 

    There may be other tricks you can do. Are you only changing the threshold or are you changing the ratio as well?

    Dave T

  • thanks for your answer.

    I need to adjust the compression curve, so I have to write a lot of data, I write in the safe loading format,The compressor data is shown below,

  • Hello  

    I want to make an adjustable noise reduction function, as shown in the picture below

  • Hello dengxh121,

    OK, so there are a lot of compressor points you are changing and a simple threshold change would not work very well. 

    Sometimes there are only a few points of the curve that need to be updated so that would ease the amount of data that needs to be sent. 

    If I look carefully at the difference between these to curves it looks like you are trying to implement a noise gate such that when the signal level goes low the output will turn off. Is that what you are trying to do? There may be some other ways to accomplish this. 

    I just checked for example files and I found this. It is a squelch control so this might not be what you are looking for. There are so many ways to do noise gates so I am sure there is a way to do this for your application. 

    ADAU1701 Sequelch Control using Signal Detect.dspproj

    Here is another example of doing it a different way. This can be modified to change to a lower level of the signal or to a zero. 

    ADAU1701 Level Sensing Audio Switchover.dspproj

    Dave T