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the ADSP-21469 EZLITE flash program problem  


     I have a ADSP-21469EZLITE board ,and a DBG-AGENTBRDBF, I want to use the ADZS-SADA2-BRD burn my code to the flash by mini usb . But I face some problems.

     In the package of 214XX I fund a flash DEMO , after I read the code , I think this code can burn my code in the flash , but the visual DSP++ can not build a .hex file ,only file

     I fund is .LDR file, the problems is I want find the address and the useful data so that I can burn my code in the right position .

     And I also want to know which part of .LDR file is configuration part , which part is the really head of my useful address and binary code.


     I will glad to hear your response.



                                                                                                                                                                Alex Hao