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I have a question. in this two product,the way to achieve the detection RMS value is the same ?

Is my understanding correct?

AD637 is used to calculate the voltage rms at low frequency, and adl5511 is used to detect the rms at higher RF band?

I want to test one high frequency current signal,about 1k~200MHz

So is there any product you can recommend? 

thanks  sincerely


  • Hi zai123,

    AD637 is older part, intended for super high accuracy applications like precision AC RMS voltmeters. 

    ADL5511 is newer part, designed to measure over around 40dB range, up to GHz range.

    The internal signal processing techniques of the two devices will be different. 

    Analog Devices has many rms detectors to choose from. Knowing the frequency range and dynamic range requirements, check our website product selector guide to help refine the search. See for example AD8361, AD8362, AD8367.

  • Thank you for your reply. I'll try ad8362. Thank you sincerely

    Forgive my late reply

    I saw your reply in 12am. Are you a Chinese engineer working late at night?