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FLASH Poblem of ADUC7061

Hi, in the datahseet:

The ADuC7060/ADuC7061 contains a 32 kB array of Flash/EE memory. The lower 30 kB are available to the user and the upper 2 kB contain permanently embedded firmware, allowing in-circuit serial download. These 2 kB of embedded firmware also contain a power-on configuration routine that downloads factory-calibrated coefficients to the various calibrated peripherals (such as ADC, temperature sensor, and band gap references). This 2 kB embedded firmware is hidden from user code.

In the example projects from ADI, the keil setting define the IROM1 region of size as 0x8000.(32k). if the project code is larger  than 30kB, the upper 2kb will be used. how can ADI hidden it form user?

Will ADI plase any factory calibrated coefficients in the upper 2kb space? If ADI does, perhaps the coefficients will lost when I erace this region.

Can we use these upper 2kB memory?