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ADE9078's problem about reading resampled waveform.

I've got 3 ADE9078 and am using STM32 to read the resampled voltage waveform from the waveform buffer. It works well on the first chip but gets crashed on the latter two chips (the software is exactly the same). To be specific, most obtained data tend to be very close to decimal zero(like 0xFFFE or 0x0002, but the expected value is around 220V), a few data may even exceed the full scale which is 18100(0x46B4) according to the datasheet, and a few data seem normal. The SPI function is supposed to be OK because I can read other data like IRMS and VRMS smoothly on these two chips.

The related settings are listed below:

  • WF_SRC: Reserved
  • WF_CAP_SEL: Resampled Data
  • WF_MODE: Stop when waveform buffer is full
  • BURST_CHAN: All channels

And I noticed that the overlay serial numbers of the chips are different:

  • The chip on the evaluation board (works well): ADE9078ACPZ   #1619 3475320.1
  • The chip that works well: ADE9078ACPZ   #1938 4697562.1
  • The chips in problem (both): ADE9078ACPZ   #1944 4731585.1

Does the overlay number on the top represents the hardware version? If so, is there a chance that my problem is due to an upgrade of the chip? If not, is there something I ignored when using the waveform buffer that may cause the problem?

Thanks for your time in advance.



Added some details.
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