Problem in measuring phase A, B, C voltage on ADE9078


I'm working with ADE9078 energy meter IC. I'm facing problem in voltage measurement section

Refer below image for voltage measurement circuit,

Voltage measurement circuit

Note : FB46,FB47, FB48 considered as DNP.

Calibration :

R1 - 4.5M Ohm

R2 - 1K Ohm

AC Source voltage : 240V for each phase

Nominal voltage percentage of full scale (percentage) = 7.54%

Voltage Conversion constant - 16610.7527

Connection Details : 4-wire wye connection

Configuration of register settings in ADE9078 :

1. ACCMODE = 0x00 

2. CONFIG0 = 0x00  // using current transformer

3. VLEVEL = 0x117514

4. EP_CFG = 0x11

5. EGY_TIME = 0x00

6. RUN = 0x01

7. Read output  value of phase A voltage from AVRMS

8. Calculate output phase A voltage by  reading value by reading value /  Voltage Conversion constant

while using the above Voltage Conversion Constant, measured phase A voltage output to be 580V AC.  same output for all three phases also.

  1. Is any design problem in above shown image?
  2.  Is i did any mistake in ADE9078 Configuration, calibration?

  Kingly suggest me what's wrong with that.



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