AD9102/AD9514 Clock Problem

Hello, I want to 40khz sine wave using AD9102/AD9514.

(I have a AD9102 EVM Board It worked well.)


I have some problem using AD9514 Clock divider.

(I choose clock source 180Mhz crystal(XLL336180.000000I).)


1. AD9514 OUT0(LVPECL) just DC Offset 2.72V.

2. AD9514 OUT2(LVDS/CMOS) clock is never changed. it seems to be fixed divide 8.

(i changed S9, S10 parameter but still not change.)



3. Is it possible to 180Mhz crystal directly put in AD9102?




i attached schematic file. Please refer followings;

please check and send to me for confirmation.


thank you.


Best regards,

Tak Young