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Speculate on the possible reasons why PWM cannot output normally

Category: Hardware
Product Number: DS1023S, DS1023

circuit schematic 

This is our circuit schematic. During the process of using DS1023S-100+, there was no normal output. We measured it with an oscilloscope, and the defective photos are shown below.

Yellow is the input, green is the PWM output.The configuration value is 0x12.Uncertain pulse width, the actual PWM pulse width will vary with the input pulse width.
Adverse phenomena:Some pulses are falling edge contacts.

There are also some that have not been triggered.The phenomenon is as follows:

However, It's normal for us to use A before.The normal photos are as follows:

Please help me speculate on the possible reasons why PWM cannot output normally.

Do DS1023S-25+ need to modify the configuration for  DS1023S-100+?