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AD9576 no output on my board

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9576

Hi ADI experts,

Now I'm using AD9576 on my self-designed PCB. I set PPR0=0, PPR2=0, PPR3=2. Use a XTAL for REF0. FER1 and REF2 are all floating.

Use an external RC delay for /RESET pin. 

A single 3.3V for all power pins.

After power on, there is no output on any output pins. The XTAL doesn't have any signal measured by oscilloscope.

We also try to communicate with AD9576 by I2C(There are pull up resistors to 3.3V at master side), but no ACK is received from AD9576. Also, after I2C communication try fail, the I2C bus will be hold at about 1.7V level.

I don't know why. Thank.

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