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LTC6957-2 output are sinewave

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ltc6957-2

Hi Team,

I am trying to drive my LTC6957-2 with a 2v sinewave originated from an OCXO.

for some reason I get sinewave and not square wave at the output pins. the levels are LVDS levels but the shape is a sinewave.

I tried to load it with 100Ohm resistor as well as with ADCLK944 evalboard set LVDS input.

I am using the eval board for LTC6957.

what can be the issue? is it expecting a square wave input?

  • HI,

    Something is definitely wrong with your setup or the part.  The LVDS edges should have 170ps rise time, with either a sine wave or square wave input.

    Can you describe your setup?    What frequency is the OCXO?   What are you FILTA/B settings?

    Are you measuring the output with 100 ohm differential probe?  Or with a single ended probe terminated at 50 ohms?  If single ended, how is the unused output terminated?

    Can you send a picture of your setup?

    What supply current are you measuring?