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Change of Clock Output Driver Mode in AD-SYNCHRONA14-EBZ

Category: Software
Product Number: AD-SYNCHRONA14-EBZ
Software Version: RasAP

We have recently got an AD-SYNCHRONA14-EBZ. The clocks are excellent.

We would like to change the clock output driver mode of few channels (from LVDS or LVPECL to CMOS in particular).

The documentation ( ) describe well how one should modify the components on the boards.

However, how we can modify the programmed output driver mode of the HMC7044 ?

I guess it is related to the "Mode" column in "RasAP" web application -> "Synchrona" section ->"General" tab. But we can not modify this parameter in the web app, nor the related "Termination option" in the "Advanced" tab.

We bought this device because it was indicated that we can change the output driver modes on channels 1 to 10.

Please, tell us how to do this on the software side.

Sébastien Garcia

  • Hi Sebastien,

    Thanks for your patience. 

    I am not familiar with the Synchrona evaluation board. However, I am an application engineer supporting HMC7044. 

    I checked the web interface to see if there is a setting to change the output driver mode. I couldn't find a place on the web interface. 

    I believe it is intended that driver mode change can be done with device tree modification rather than over the UI since output driver mode change requires a hardware modification.

    Are you familiar with the device tree?  I successfully changed the driver mode by exporting the current device tree and modifying the "adi,driver-mode value", then importing it again.

    I have used the "import devicetree" and "export devicetree" buttons on the UI. 

    I have used Windows subsystem Linux (WSL) and device-tree-complier to decompile and recompile the device tree. If you are familiar with devicetree, you can change the output driver mode with the above steps.

    Screenshot from my decompile devicetree: 



  • Hi Emrecan,

    Thank you for your answer!

    I actually had found this way by myself after investigations. I does work.

    I think that a section could be added in the device wiki on how to work with device trees to access this kind of settings.

    However, if one tries to implement a change from the Web app setting and do "Reload config", then the output driver mode switch back to the one of the Web app. This is annoying because one loose ease of use.

    It won't really make a difference for me because I do not intend to change settings often. But it would be easier if the configuration was changeable directly in the Web App or with access to the file that set this in the web app.

    I guess I will not be the only user to want to do this on a longer term. Maybe, you could consider upgrading the web app or providing infos to set this software setting in the device wiki.

    Best regards,