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Where is evaluation software for AD9525 Evaluation board

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9525/PCBZ
Software Version: Windows 10

Hi Everyone,

We have procured the evaluation board of the AD9525 without VCO (AD9525/PCBZ).

I'm trying to program the board, but I don't find the evaluation board software.

The user guide of the evaluation board ( makes reference to this page ( , but the software there only contains the USB drivers, not the evaluation software.

It should be possible to program the AD9525 from ADISimCLK, but this requires that the evaluation software has been run at least once in order for the registers to be set up correctly (but as indicated, I don't find the evaluation software for AD9525/PCBZ).

Can anyone point me to the correct place to download this software?

Many thanks in advance.


  • HI,

    I went on this webpage

    and I downloaded the zip file called AD9525 Eval board software installer (Rev and this installs the eval software. 

    I recommend creating the AD9545 target configuration with this eval software and then you can see its performance with the ADIsimCLK.


  • Hello Petre,

    Thank you very much for taking the time to provide an answer.

    I had downloaded that zip file before and ran the dpinst.exe as administrator, and then it seemed to successfully install USB drivers. I don't see anywhere in my start menu something like ADI tools or something similar.

    When I now run dpinst.exe, I get the error that the install failed.

    Questions I have:

    1. how did you install the SW? When I click on "Evaluation board software (Rev" it downloads, which contains "", which itself needs to be unzipped to a directory. There it complains about the fact that some files have double names (like dpinst.exe). Therefore I let it autorename to dpinst.exe, dpinst_1.exe, dpinst.xml, dpinst_1.xml

    What do you run to install the software? dpinst.exe of 13/07/2009?

    2. once installed, how do you start the evaluation software? I don't find anything on my computer that is close to ADI or Evaluation software.

    Thanks for the clarification.

    Best regards,


  • HI,

    I downloaded the file I unzipped it and in the folder ad9525_evaluation_software, I got a file named 

    I took out ".safe" extension and I got a file called AD9525EvalWebSetup1.0.0.2.exe.

    I doublecliked on it and I installed the eval software. In the Start Windows menu, the eval software called AD9525 Evalouation Software appears under a folder called Analog Devices. I click on it and I get this GUI:

    It is not clear to me what file you are downloading. I am talking about this one from the page I indicated above:


  • Thanks Petre, now it's clear to me. It was nowhere mentioned that you had to rename  to AD9525EvalWebSetup1.0.0.2.exe. When I did it, I Unzipped with 7zip, and ran Dpinst.exe.

  • Sorry for all these troubles. I'm glad you made it. Please keep me posted if you have any further questions


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