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Matching AD9546 1Hz output phase with a non-periodic trig signal

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9546


I have a system as I shared below.

I configured AD9546 outputs single ended 1Hz with 10MHz reference from RefA.

There is also a microcontroller which will provide non-periodic pulse.

While AD9546 working in active mode, I would like to match 1Hz output signal rise edge to non-periodic pulse rise edge exactly.

Is it possible to do it using M-Pin with a control function inside AD9546? 

Or there is some other ways that I can do it?

Here I tried to explain visually what I desire. (Red one is output of AD9546, blue one is non-periodic pulse from microcontroller.)

When non-periodic pulse comes to AD9546, 1Hz outputs shift itself.

Thank you in advance.