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How to program EEPROM on the AD9546 eval board?

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9546


I am working on the AD9546 Evaluation Software (Rev. to configure my AD9546 Eval Board and I want to load my configuration into the EEPROM on the board. 

On Evaluation Software there is an EEPROM tab to set somethings there. But in the user guide it says "This window cannot be used with the AD9546 evaluation board because the board does not contain a EEPROM usable to store the AD9546 configuration." But on the schematics there is an EEPROM.

On the other hand I also have Evaluation Board USB Flash Programmer and when I select the board and .iic file, I can load something to the EEPROM.

So, could you please tell me how can I generate .iic file which consists my config from the Evaluation Software?


  • HI,

    on the AD9546 eval board there are two EEPROMs:

    - U503 is the USB EEPROM. It contains the information Windows uses to recognize the board. The USB Flash Programmer you mention programs this EEPROM.

    - U508 is the EEPROM that is connected to the Raspberry PI connector P503. 

    So there is no EEPROM on the eval board that is connected to the AD9546. This is why the AD9546 eval software cannot upload the AD9546 configuration into an EEPROM because there is no such EEPROM.

    If you are interested in how to upload into an EEPROM on your own developed AD9546 board the AD9546 configuration, see the application note AN-2072 from here:

    It refers to the AD9545. The AD9546 is pin for pin compatible with the AD9545 and many registers are identical. The EEPROM upload/download processes are the same, only the number of registers to upload differ.

    Apply it to the AD9546.