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LTC6952 with LTC6955 as fanout buffer

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC6952 and LTC6955


I am planning to have clock tree structure using LTC6952(Clock +SYSREF) as source and LTC6955(1Nos for Clock and 1Nos for SYSREF) as fan out followers.

Kindly confirm if all the outputs of LTC6955 can be phase aligned.

Thanks in-advance,


  • Hi  

    Since LTC6955 is a simple buffer, it doesn't support EZSync or ParallelSync applications. However, as the divider value is 1, the phase of the outputs will not change over time or after power up except OUT10. 

    You can assume the skew between channels is in the limits of the below table. 

    However, if you want to distribute SYSREF signal, It is important that SYSREF signals can be delayed individually according to the layout need. Therefore, I recommend using LTC6952 and LTC6953 in order to create a clocking tree.



  • Hi,

    Thank you for your suggestion. in ltc6955 the out10 is not a divider output but it is said that phase of all outputs will not change except out10. Kindly reconfirm the same.