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AD9545 No Output

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9545/PCBZ (REV C2)
Software Version: Analysis | Control | Evaluation (ACE) Software Version 1.10.2671.1118

Hello everyone,

I am working on AD9545 evaluation board. I have configured the board to generate 60Hz signal. My input signal is PPS signal generated from signal generator. The Input is connected to REF BB. The input signal is recognized by the board as the REF BB LED is flashing on the ACE. I was able to generate the 60 Hz signal in the first test when I purchased the board. This is the second time I am testing the board. However, I could not generate the 60 Hz signal with the same configuration file which I saved from first test. 

In the fist test I was able to measure the output signal on oscilloscope using two probes with following output setting: CML/15mA/Differential.

In the second test, I can not measure the signal on oscilloscope with the same output setting, so I changed the output setting to HCSL/15mA/SE. The changed test setup is shown in the image below:

I changed the output termination in the above setting to try to conform with output termination requirement presented in the datasheet. 

The ACE configuration overview is shown in the figure below:

Can anyone help me to find out what's wrong with setup or the configuration?