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AD-SYNCHRONA14-EBZ: Setting Static IP Address and GUI Access

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD-SYNCHRONA14-EBZ

We've been using Synchrona14 for a few months now as a practical bench DA for high-quality clocks. It has exceeded our expectations, but there are a few issues to be aware of that we want to share.

1. When setting a static IP address, the persistence across power cycles can be fickle. If you have the serial port connected, this is as easy as an "ifconfig" command to fix up. This is really a generic RPi OS issue.

2. When the ADD-ON board is plugged, the RPi doesn't have the SPI access needed to program the clock chips, as documented This would be the case as in (1) above. As a result, the GUI will be served up fine, but you will see "Disconnected". If you remove Jumper J4 on the ADD-ON board, you can have both WEB GUI control and console access at the same time.

Thanks to Mihai, Ciprian, Chris and the ADI team for this fine product!

Shep Siegel


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  • Hello Shep Siegel, 

    I tried to look up certain information on this particular device and I couldn't find them through the Analog support team. I was hoping you could answer them for me. 

    For eg: Can I operate the device in a mode where each channel is sending out a clock in a config as follows, 
    1. 5 MHz
    2. 10 MHz
    3. 15 MHz
    4. 20 MHz 
    5. 25 MHz 
    14. 70 MHz. 
    Essentially operating in a frequency range below hundred MHz. The reason why I am particularly interested in this device is because of the large number of ports it offers. 
    Earlier I used to use a standard EVAL board from AD and I had to lock the two boards (Also had to put time into packaging them to use in a laboratory setting), whereas with this product, there are enough channels and it comes well packaged. 
    All that I need to know to make a purchase is whether the device can work in the 1 MHz - 300 MHz range.
    I tried reaching out and they mention a different frequency range to the one mentioned in the youtube video of the product. In the YT video, they mention the range starts from 500 kHz. 
    Thanking you in advance.