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ACE Connection to AD9545 Evan board.

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9545 Eval board
Software Version: ACE v 1.27.3250.1427


I  have two problems. 

1. I could not connect AD9545 through ACE version 1.27.3250.1427.

It didn't attach the hardware even through I "refresh Attached Hardware".


2. Using ACE 1.10.2671.1118,  I could connect AD9545 Eval. board as follows.( But it displayed " Unapproved" mark.)


 After setting the several parameters in the configuration wizard,  I  applied it using "Apply" button and " Apply changes".

Also I turn on "Auto Apply" and I can see the "successful" log as follows.


But when I  "read  All", parameters were not the same what I applied in the previous step. 

In the following figure, all outputs are set to "Zero".  I wanted to turn on OUT0A.

How can I solve these problems ?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


  • Hi,

    please only use ACE version 1.10 in conjunction with the AD9545 evaluation board. Yes, the plugins were never released under ACE and this is why they appear as Unapproved.

    As the procedure to set up a configuration for the AD9545:

    - use first the Configuration Wizard and do not forget the settings in software must deal with the hardware settings, that is with the jumper settings. Please use the eval board schematic for this.

    - In the Configuration Wizard, please check the XTAL Source box, so the chip will use the 52MHz crystal as the system clock source. Make sure the jumpers at P402 and P403 are set between the middle point and the pins labelled XTAL, like in the picture below

    - set the output clocks you want to obtain, the DPLLs profiles as you like and then click on Apply button at the bottom of the Wizard.

    - at this point the system clock PLL and the APLLs LEDs should indicate these PLLs have locked. Otherwise you should not continue.

    - Then, by default, the outputs are HCSL. This means you need to make an electrical connection on the board between TP307 and TP308 because the VOUT_COMMON signal was left floating and it must be connected to ground. Look at the jumpers P300, P301, P302, P303, P304. They must be between pins 2 and 3 for HCSL. Otherwise, if they are between pins 1 and 2, click on the triangles in ACE and set the driver as CML.

    You should get outputs right away because the DPLLs will be at least in freerun