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AD9545:How can I get the cso file through the EEPROM which was placed on evaluation board

Category: Software
Software Version: ACE 1.10.2671.1118

Hi team:

    For some reasons, we  have no the AD9545 ACE project file(*.cso), only  an eeprom(24AA16) which downloaded the configurations.

   Thers is 2 questions:

    1,How can I get the cso file through the Evaluation Board;Is This OK? Connect the board and Write Bit 0 (EEPROM load) to 1 in Register Address 0x2E03.and then,Press “Read All” button,Finally,save Session。

    2,If I get the CSO file,Can I Burn the EEPROM through the Evaluation Board?Or generate bin file by python script,and burn the EEPROM by regular burning tools.

Thank you for your attention.

Best Regards.

  • HI,

    the AD9545 eval software was not designed to deal with the AD9545 EEPROM on the board. When you launch ACE, it executes behind the scenes many operations that the user cannot control.

    You can try launching ACE, then write that EEPROM load bit in register 0x2E03 ( alive register) and then execute a Read All. But then you'll have to know the reference clock values and the output clock values for the GUI to make sense. If this works, you can have only the register values, nothing else.

    If you have a regularly constructed cso file, you can get the bin file by using the script from here:

    See AN-2072 application note with related Python package.

    I recommend you create an AD9545 configuration that works. Then you design your own board, using the exact 24AA16 EEPROM. Then you use AN-2072 to make the AD9545 upload its own configuration onto the EEPROM.


  • Hi guys:

        Greatly appreciate your reply.

        I have tried to write that EEPROM load bit,and read all, but found it's different between the eeprom bin file and ACE memory map;

        Maybe create Our own configuration is the only way.

        There are some questions for you:

        1,the reg 0x0020-0x0024;their text is bold and black, Do they mean ther are different between memory map and hardware?

       2,What does an asterisk mean?

    Thanks and Best Regards.

  • HI,

    I programmed an EEPROM on the AD9545 eval board. I powered the board with pins M1, M2 and M3 set to high at P604 and I observed with the oscilloscope the outputs were generated, sign that the AD9545 downloaded correctly the configuration from the EEPROM.

    I then launched ACE, clicked on the AD9545 icon and arrived in the GUI. I opened the Memory window and I clicked Read All. I did not see and registers emphasized like in your figures. I then went in the GUI window and I clicked on Save Registers and I saved all the AD9545 registers in a file. I then compared the register values against the ones I wanted saved in the EEPROM and they matched.

    So the procedure, which I believe matches what you did, provides a measure of the register values as downloaded from the EEPROM.

    I am not sure why you obtained that emphases in the registers.


  • Hi,

        I repeat the step as you shared.But there are still differences.

        I have discard this way now,and create configuration for AD9545.

        Thank you for your help.

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