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LTC6900I - Frequency Accuracy for Commercial Temp Range 0°C to 70°C

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: LTC6900IS5#TRPBF

Hi at all,

We have planned to use the TC6900CS5#TRPBF in our design.

Now as we have an urgent demand and due to the poor availability of the IC we are thinking to switch to the TC6900IS5#TRPBF
Can I assume that the Frequency Accuracy between 0°C and 70°C of the TC6900IS5#TRPBF is same or even better compared to the C6900CS5#TRPBF?

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  • Andre,

    Unfortunately, we can't quite make that assumption. The "C" grade of the part is production tested at 25C, 0C and 70C with a max error limit of 2% at hot and cold. The "I" grade is tested at 25C to the same limit as the "C" grade but is tested at -45C and 85C with a max error limit of 2.5%. What would the error be on the "I" grade part at 0C or 70C? It most likely would be no more than the 2% C grade limit, but we can't 100% guarantee this. The test limits at 25C are much narrower than at hot or cold and intended to make sure that there are no failures at all at hot or cold. You can also see by the frequency variation over temperature plot on page 4 that much of the variation happens at the cold temperature. The data sheet shows the room temperature has a mx error of 1.5%. Last, note that the silicon is exactly the same for both C and I grades with production testing the only difference. So, in the end this will most likely work for you, but we can't guarantee it.

  • Hi Doug,

    Thank you very much for the fast and detailed reply Thumbsup