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Question about spur. issue of ADF5356

Product Number: ADF5356BCPZ


My customer use ADF5356 and she made her own board with ADF5356.

And she is doing the performance and fuction test with this board.

She test output signal of RFOUT A+ and RFOUT A-  with using transformar.

Please refer attached file with spur. issue of ADF5356.

At this attached file, 60KHz loopfilter is used and Phase Marjin is 45.

And below are her questions about this issue.

Q1) When she turn on the PLL power, Hormonic is occurred only. 

       And when she turn on the control board, spur. is occurred.

     Would you adivse how to remove or reduce this spur. of ADF5356?

Q2) At special frequency BW (from 4046MHz to 4500MHz) , no spur. is occurred.

     And  at other BW. spur is occurred.

     Would advise how to remove spur. at other BW?

Q3) Would you advise the method how to resucr spur. of ADF5356?