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HMC6832: phase noise evaluation

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Product Number: HMC6832


I have a question from our customer about the evaluation of the phase noise of AD9176.
The phase noise performance is indicated in figure 23 and figure 24 of the datasheet.
Figure 23 is a phase noise of "reference clock" and "reference clock + HMC6832".
Figure 24 indicates "Additive Phase Noise". This means phase noise performance of only HMC6832.

Q. He asks me how the"Additive Phase Noise" was measured. Did it calculate from the data of figure 23?
    What he most wants to know is the measurement accuracy of figure 24.
(Of course, we know "TYPICAL PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS" are sample data and there are not guaranteed)

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  • Hi, 

    Additive phase noise is measured by using the FSWP with additive phase noise option. That is a direct measurement, not a calculation.

    As you said, that is just a typical measurement at room temperature. Generally speaking, any significant change in additional PN vs PVT variation is not expected. For most applications this noise floor is far good enough so a couple dB variation does not cause any issue. 

    Lastly, please ensure that customer is aware that the current status of this part is Last Time Buy and will be obsolete soon. That is not recommended for new projects. 

    Regards, Kazim