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LTC6993-1 Can I manipulate the state of one of the pins so that a trigger is ignored?

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Product Number: LTC6993-1 or LTC6993-2
Software Version: NA

I need to have the LTC6993 ignore triggers for a set period. Can I take either the SET or DIV pin to VCC or ground  to accomplish this? I'd like to modify an existing board to implement disabling the trigger.

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  • You can pull the Rset resistor to V+ which essentially stops the internal oscillator and freezes the part in its last state. The downside of this is that once the Rset resistor is reconnected to ground, the part will take time to reinitialize that will be similar to that at startup (see page 15 of data sheet. I would not touch the DIV pin at all. The easiest thing to do would be to add a simple and gate at the TRIG input. Any fix will be somewhat difficult to force into an existing board though.