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HMC7044 clock priority

Category: Software
Product Number: HMC7044

How do I configure an HMC7044 to prefer external clock as first priority using the iio:device Linux driver? 

Is it sufficient to set register 0x0014?

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  • Hi Kudert,

    We tried it and it doesn't seem to work properly.

    Should we configure the frequency of the external clock somewhere?

    How does the priority work? 

    If the external clock is lost and then restored would the chip switch to internal and back when the external clock is restored?



  • Hi,

    It seems like the Linux iio driver is not doing anything.

    If I try iio_reg to any register, the return value is always 0.

    We've noticed a PIC device on board using the same SPI Chip Select.

    Is there any special configuration to be made for the PIC device so that the linux driver will work?

    Is there a way to burn a PIC image that will set 0xE4 to register 0x0014?