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AD9552 Automatic VCO Calibration

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9552
Software Version: AD9551/9552 Evaluation Software 2.1.0

I have found that the AD9552 PCBZ eval board appears to not be enacting automatic VCO calibration, contrary to the datasheet.  When I have the board configured for manual control through the dip switches (configured to use a 10 MHz reference to generate a 156.25 MHz output, according to the manual) it initially generates the wrong frequency (typically ~152 MHz as measured by my scope).  If I issue a reset by asserting/deasserting the DIP switch on S2, it begins generating the correct frequency.  According to the datasheet, the VCO calibration routine should run on power-up.  I suspect that it isn't, which is causing the poor frequency accuracy, and it only runs after issuing the reset manually.  Is there a direct method for me to test this suspicion? 

Additionally, when I configure the board for PC Control, every time I power on the board and read Register 0x0E, it reads back as b'01110100, indicating that SPI control of VCO calibration is enabled.  Is there a way to test whether the default register map setting of address 0x0E has somehow been changed?  I don't see any documentation on the "USB EEPROM Enable" feature, is it possible that this setting is being loaded from EEPROM?