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ADN2905: NC pins are working... Can ADN2905 be used for clock recovery?

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADN2905

So far, we have been using ADN2915 and ADN2017 for clock and data recovery, however, all of these chips are not available now, and we just examined 2905, which is data recovery IC.

In the datasheet of ADN2905, all of ADN2905, 15, 17 have pin combatibility, but only ADN2905 does not have clock-out pins.

(The pins for clock out signals of ADN2915/2917 are shows as NC in ADN2905.)

However, those N.C. pins are acutually working as clock out.  I mean, we can use ADN2905 for clock recovery by using these N.C. pins.

Out questions are:

Is ADN2905's manual correct?  In fact, there are many description on the clock out signal except for the block diagram...

Is this usage of ADN2905 correct? I mean, can we use it for the replacement of 2915/17?

Are there any new products/version of ADN2905/15/17?  Their production is discontinued and many users should have some difficulties...

many thanks