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AD9528: Does PLL1 really need to be locked when PLL2 is in Locked State ?

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9528

Hi Team ADI,

I am working on AD9528 and I am giving reference from AD9545 to  AD9528 VCXO.  

-> AD9545 PLLs are locked as expected

-> AD9528 PLL2 is locked as expected but PLL1 is not locked because of N1 divider. If I make N1 = 8 then PLL1 gets lock.  

I've few queries on this. Could you please clarify this ?

1) Does it really matter that PLL1 must be locked ? 

2)  What will be the impact when I choose different value for out-div and N2  i.e. (N2 = out-div) ? 

3)  For reduction of high in-band noise, input frequency to PLL1/PLL2 (PFD) must be higher that mean to me  "N1 and N2 divider

   must have greater value".  Is it true ? 

Sincere Regards,


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