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AD9576 PLL0 & PLL1 sync

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9576

Hello there, 

I would like to know if when I am setting this configuration all outputs are being configurated with the same phase.

(0x100,0x04);      // PLL0 Sync bit HIGH
(0x200,0x04);      // PLL1 Sync bit HIGH
(0x00F,0x01);      // I/O Update
(0x100,0x00);     // PLL0 Sync bit LOW
(0x200,0x00);     // PLL1 Sync bit LOW
(0x00F,0x01);     //  I/O Update


Juan Camilo Peña

  • HI,

    the sync command synchronizes the outputs belonging to one PLL.

    So the sync command in register 0x100 synchronizes the PLL0 outputs and the sync command in the register 0x200 synchronizes the PLL1 outputs.

    My recommendation is to try to derive as many outputs you can to come from PLL0. Only OUT10 can be derived only from PLL1.