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LTC6905-100 OE control delay

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC6905-100

Hi, I am using LTC6905-100 to provide a 50MHz OSC signal for my circuit. I also need to use OE pin to enable/disable this OSC output for my application. According to tghe datasheet shown below. OSC output is immediately disabled when OE is pulling low and enabled in the next cycle when OE is pulling high. 

However, the experimental waveform (shown below) shows that this IC cannot follow the behavior described by the datasheet. OSC output cannot be disabled immediately, and it will still output two more cycles. Moreover, it seems that OSC output cannot recover back in the next cycle after OE is pulling high.

Could you please how to solve this issue? How to make the real IC work well as datasheet mentioned?

Many thanks,

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