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AD9528/PCBZ Evaluation Board USB driver problem

Category: Software

We have just bought an AD9528/PCBZ Evaluation Board. I have followed the instructions from, but the board is not recognised by my Windows 7 PC.

After connecting the wall power supply P500,

  • The red LED labelled 3V3_USB (DS4) illuminates,
  • The green LED labelled RESETB (DS3) illuminates

But additionally the green LED DS5 illuminates. When I next connect the USB to my PC, only the red LED labelled CR300 illuminates, but my PC is unable to instal the driver: "unknown device". My problem seems to be related to AD9548 USB driver problem. with a different board. I have installed the "USB Eval Board Programmer" from, but it can not find the board, event if I remove the EEPROM ENABLE jumper. With or without jumper, the unknown device is USB\VID_0456&PID_EE24&REV_0001.

Edit: I have also tried on another Windows 7 PC, then on an old Windows XP PC, without success. To be complete, we have bought two Eval boards, and both have the same issue.

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