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AD9528/PCBZ Evaluation Board USB driver problem

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We have just bought an AD9528/PCBZ Evaluation Board. I have followed the instructions from, but the board is not recognised by my Windows 7 PC.

After connecting the wall power supply P500,

  • The red LED labelled 3V3_USB (DS4) illuminates,
  • The green LED labelled RESETB (DS3) illuminates

But additionally the green LED DS5 illuminates. When I next connect the USB to my PC, only the red LED labelled CR300 illuminates, but my PC is unable to instal the driver: "unknown device". My problem seems to be related to AD9548 USB driver problem. with a different board. I have installed the "USB Eval Board Programmer" from, but it can not find the board, event if I remove the EEPROM ENABLE jumper. With or without jumper, the unknown device is USB\VID_0456&PID_EE24&REV_0001.

Edit: I have also tried on another Windows 7 PC, then on an old Windows XP PC, without success. To be complete, we have bought two Eval boards, and both have the same issue.

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  • HI,

    the EZ enquiry about the AD9548 USB driver you point to also mentions the DriverGuide.mht file that you should find at this link on your pcDriverGuidey.mht.txt: C:\Program Files (x86)\Analog Devices\USB Eval Board Programmer

    I attached it here. Please take out the txt extension in order for the browser you have on your PC to open it up (on my Windows 10 PC, it is Edge that opens it).

    This file contains instruction on how to install the driver. This will make your PC to recognize the board when you power it up and plug the USB cable and get the CR2 red LED USB_STATUS to blink.

    The attached photo shows the AD9528 eval board with its turned on LEDs


  • Thank you Petre.

    After several tries, I finally managed to install the driver. Following the procedure you point to me, I could go to the point where the board is recognized as "ADI Development Board" (By the way, I had to uncheck "show compatible hardware" in the device manager). But the first time the board was neither recognized by AD9528 Evaluation Software nor by USB Eval Board Programmer. On the third try it was recognised by USB Eval Board Programmer, I could read the EEPROM which already have the correct signature, power cycle the board, and then it was recognized as ADI Evaluation System (LRFDev).

    I do not understand why there is no hint in the user guide