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CDCE706 write registers with I2C

Category: Hardware
Product Number: CDCE706

I have a problem writng a single register to the CDCE706 device. It is the Eval-kit with a printer port. We had to remove this port by removing the SN74LV125 chip and connecting directly to J17. (Ref app note scau016B). I can read the the default values in the registers, but after writing and then reading back it returns only FF. I have tried both byte-write protocol and block-write protocol.Cannot see any change in the Y0 output after updating the P0 value. 

This is the code (Arduino)

Wire.begin();                                                      // join i2c bus

Wire.beginTransmission(byte(0x69));         // transmit to device #0x69
Wire.write(byte(0x1D));                                    // Address bit(6:0)=13. 128+13=141
Wire.write(24);                                                   // write value 24 to divider P0
Wire.endTransmission();                                // stop transmitting 

This is a oscilloscope capture of a byte-write sequence:

Any idea of what is wrong?