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AD9545 IN:10MHz External OUT:122.88MHz

Category: Hardware
Product Number: EVAL-AD9545
Software Version: ACE Version 1.10.2671.1118 and AD9545 plug-ins

I need a low phase noise 122.88MHz output by using 10MHz external input.

Does EVAL-AD9545 support such Input/Output?

Let me know  how to setup AD9545 ACE.

10MHz,+3dBm SG signal connects to REFA_P(J300).REFA valid turns green.

however, I don't know how to operate AD9545 plug-in.

Would you please give me your advice?

Best Regards,


  • HI,

    yes, the AD9545 can create 122.88MHz outputs from a 10MHz clock.

    Attached is a cso file I created for you (please take out the txt extension first).AD9545_setup.cso.txt

    You apply 10MHz clock, 3dBm at REFA_P J300 connector and the AD9545 will create OUT0A=OUT0B=OUT0C=122.88MHz in CML, 15 mA mode.

    Please set the P300, P301 and P302 jumpers between pins 1 and 2. Otherwise the clocks will not toggle. 

    In ACE, you have first to entry data in the Configuration Wizard, then click Apply. Always change this data in the Wizard, not in the GUI.

    If something cannot be set in the Wizard, then you can use the GUI (of course, after first going through the Wizard). After making changes in the GUI, click Apply Changes button on the top left of the ACE.

    Save the session by clicking on File (top left of ACE), then Save Session As (for the first time, then click on Save Session).

    Let's say you close ACE. Then you need to launch ACE again, then click on Open Session, load the cso file you had saved before. The program will arrive at the GUI stage. Click on Apply Changes, then Cal All (to calibrate all analog PLLs of the chip) and then everything should be back to the previous state.


  • Hi Petre san,

    I am so happy to get your advice.It is perfect to do this.

    Thank you so much for your GREAT assistance.



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