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AD9548 USB driver problem.

Hi, I have an old AD9548 evalution board which I try to connect via USB to my Windows 10 computer and I can't get it to work. In the Windows device manager it is shown as unknown. I have also tried to update the board using USB Eval Board programmer but the board is not found. What can be the problem?



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  • Hi,

    I have also a couple of hardware questions. I think that the Evaluation Board User Guide and the Evaluation Board doesn't match.

    In the manual it says that the Ref input BB  has a built in voltage divider. Is that really the case? If I look at the schematic diagram it is unclear. I just want to be sure so that I don't damage the pcb.

    Regarding the System Clock Inputs it is mentioned 49.152 or 50 MHz crystal. If I look at the board and the schematic diagram there is a 52MHz crystal.

  • Hi,

    I have just read the section about System Clock Stability Compensation in the AD9545 manual. If I understand that part correct I can use, for the second AD9545, a 50 or 52 MHz crystal as System Clock Source and another stable source as reference. In my case I will use the 10 MHz from the rubidium oscillator as a reference.

    I am not sure what is the best choice for the first AD9545, where the GNSS receiver is connected, 
    Maybe the PPS derived from10MHz Rubidium Osc. (Via AD9545 no. 2) or the GNSS PPS can stability compensate the System Clock? Or is better to use a TCXO or OCXO?  In failure mode both PPS from GNSS and Rubidium can be lost so it might be better to have a good 50 MHz TCXO. If so shall I have the 50 MHz oscillator as a third reference and use a 50 or 52 MHz crystal as System Clock or shall I use the TCXO as System Clock?


  • HI,

    let's take this conversation offline. I'll contact you directly through email