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AD9548 USB driver problem.

Hi, I have an old AD9548 evalution board which I try to connect via USB to my Windows 10 computer and I can't get it to work. In the Windows device manager it is shown as unknown. I have also tried to update the board using USB Eval Board programmer but the board is not found. What can be the problem?



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  • Hi Petre, 
    Can you please guide me to the right choice of IC?
    I have a project where I intend to discipline a Rubidium Oscillator using a PPS from a uBlox GNSS receiver. When starting up the PPS from the receiver will be available as long as needed but in normal mode the PPS is only switched on for shorter periodes during a day. 
    This means that the circuit needs to have good holdover performance and take into account the Rubidium aging etc. The system must also produce a low jitter PPS.

    Is AD9545 the right choice?