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LTC3350 MOSFET IC Availability


I am using LTC3350  part number: LTC3350EUHF#TRPBF in one of my project for back-up power, the back-up voltage is about 10V.

But in one of the boards we have shortage of Mosfet i.e. M2 and M3(part number:BSZ060NE2LSATMA1 recommended in the design).

 we checked there no availability of this Mosfet in online(mouser and Digikey).

So is it possible for us to use the mosfet recommended for M1(part number:SIS438DN-T1-GE3) in the circuit to be used for M2 and M3. 

Or is there any alternate part number for this part : BSZ060NE2LSATMA1  .

Kindly help us in solving this issue.



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  • Interesting. The 2.5V regulator is for the digital registers and has nothing to do with the gate drivers. DRVCC is what supplies the gate drivers. Kind of sounds like something might have happened when soldering. The VCC2P5 pin is right next to the SW Pin. Is the VCC2P5 cap close to the FETs that were changed?