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ad9523-1 eval software

Please do not display, the ad9523 software for the ad9523-1.

I just wasted 4h by using the ad9523 software.

Everything worked exept for 1 Register, which is a pain to debug.

However, thank you for providing the software!

  • Hi,

    The AD9523 is not recommended for new designs and the AD9523-1 is listed as an alternative. We want potential customers of the AD9523 to evaluate the AD9523-1. However, we also want people to still have access to the AD9523 eval software. This is why this software is available on the AD9523-1 eval board page. 

    Please tell me what AD9523-1 register you are talking about and what is the problem and I'll try to help.


  • Hi,

    thank you, but everything works fine by now.

    The problem was, that I thought that the AD9523/AD9524 software was just a newer version:  2.1.1 vs 2.1.3.

    This is not that obvious and can be easily overlooked if you're in a hurry and new to these parts.

    These parts work nearly exactly the same and the software looks quite the same, except for some registers, in my case for example 0x0F4, a divider Register. Which is why the design even kinda worked, but with a little bit higher output frequency. At first, I wanted to post about this until I realized my error.

    All of this is of course user error, but the software selection could be a bit clearer :)