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projects/adrv9009zu11eg/adrv2crr_fmc equivalent to fmcomms2's clk_divout

Hi guys,

I'm currently looking at the HDL for adrv9009zu11eg/adrv2crr_fmc and I wanted to know what the adc clock is to integrate my HW accelerators to.

I'm transitioning from fmcomms2 project which used the ad9361 and for that project I used the clk_div_out for all my DSP.

I wanted to know what's the equivalent clk_div_out for adrv9009zu11eg/adrv2crr_fmc.

My assumption is that its core_clk_a_1 and core_clk_b1 for RX1 and RX2 respectfully.

Is my assumption correct?

Thanks Much!