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HMC1031MS8E - VCXO - LFVCXO066860Bulk


We are using HMC833 EVM circuit as our reference design for our development where HMC1031MS8E is being used for a 10M Ref to 50M converter.

In that we want to use LFVCXO066860Bulk in place of Bliley VCXO on the EVM - V105A1927.

Now I am not very clear about the voltage level getting generated on the CP output of HMC1031MS8E on the EVM and how the below voltage levels will be achieved in either of the crystals. To be blunt I am not very clear how this bi-directional voltage level will get created? Whether there would be a DC bias on the output of CP?

When I see the datasheet of Bliley, it wants a control voltage of +/- 1.65V? When I see LFVCXO066860Bulk, I see a control voltage of 1.65 +/1.35V. 

This may be a very basic conceptual issue but we need help here.

Thanks a lot.