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Configuration guide for ADF4371


I am using an ADC/DAC board from HTG company (HTG-FMC-12ADC-16DAC) which contains an ADF4371 and I have to configure that ADF4371 through SPI communication protocol. I have some questions that need your support:

1. Could you show me or give me some documents about how to configure the ADF4371 step by step? a quick start guide is very helpful for me. I knew that you have some drivers for other devices like AD9172, ADF4377 but in the driver folder for ADF4371, I only found some c functions and I don't know how to use them step by step properly (I don't find the main.c function of the project had ADF4371)

2. Do you have any example design that includes configuration C code for ADF4371 running in Vitis SDK? So that I can follow up and start my design based on that example design.

Thank you so much!!!