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AD9258 CLOCK Generator


I am using AD9528 clock module to generate a clock for the FPGA and ADRV.

The clock which i was able to generate was 2-SYSREF-120Khz and 2-DEVCLK-245.76MHz .

i also want to 100MHz clock output which i am not able to generate. I was able to get 100.53MHz clock but that would alter my other clock frequency's.

Setup file is also attached along with the picture.

Input i have given:




CLK IN:122.88MHz


OUT1 : 120KHz.

OUT2 : 120KHz

OUT3 : 245.76MHz

OUT4 : 245.76MHZ

OUT5 : 100MHz


  • HI,

    you cannot generate all the outputs you list using the 122.88MHz VCXO because the minimum common multiple of the frequencies is 153.6GHz, outside the PLL2 VCO frequency range of 3.45GHz to 4.025GHz.

    You can generate all the frequencies but the 100MHz with the 122.88MHz VCXO. But you'll need to find another way to generate the 100MHz. I suggest using a 25MHz crystal resonator coupled to an AD9573 to obtain the 100MHz