daq2 reference design for zcu102 rev 1.1

I am using the reference design daq2 on zcu102 rev 1.1 board. For this I downloaded the 2021-02-23-ADI-Kuiper.img from  


From this .img file, I am using the boot files from the zynqmp-zcu102-rev10-ad9172-fmc-ebz-mode4 folder on a AD9174-FMC-EBZ board.

Q1: Is this SD card image for AD9174-FMC-EBZ consistent with the git repository at https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/hdl for the branch hdl_2019_r2?

Q2: What is the corresponding SW git repository and branch information?

Q3: Where may I find the block diagram (including clocking scheme) for this reference design?

Please let me know if it is better to open three separate threads for this to be answered by different specialists.